Abstract Gallery

  paintings by Betty Sampsell

  1. Pitcher and Bowl
    Pitcher and Bowl
  2. New Beginnings
    New Beginnings
  3. Memories of the Farm
    Memories of the Farm
  4. Bits and Pieces
    Bits and Pieces
  5. Mixed Pieces
    Mixed Pieces
  6. Emerging Forms
    Emerging Forms
  7. Odds 'N Ends
    Odds 'N Ends
  8. Three Part Harmony
    Three Part Harmony
  9. Swirls
  10. Recombining Elements
    Recombining Elements
  11. This 'N That N' the Other Thing
    This 'N That N' the Other Thing
  12. Play Ball
    Play Ball
My Abstract paintings may start with an object, an idea or a feeling.  During the painting process, searching and experimenting take place.  My intention is to use elements and principles of design to create interesting textures, colors and combinations of shapes.  Objects and places often loose their realistic identity.  However, I sometimes use realistic images as part of a collage, creating sections of realism in an abstract design.  ​​​​