Landscape Gallery

​paintings by Betty Sampsell

  1. Crossing the Creek
    Crossing the Creek
  2. Evening Pasture
    Evening Pasture
  3. In the Pond
    In the Pond
  4. Horse Grazing
    Horse Grazing
  5. Lake Williams Geese
    Lake Williams Geese
  6. Shore at Lake Redman
    Shore at Lake Redman
  7. South Mountain Stream
    South Mountain Stream
  8. Low Water at Lake Williams
    Low Water at Lake Williams
  9. Looking Down the Rail Trail
    Looking Down the Rail Trail
  10. Arvin's Fruit Stand
    Arvin's Fruit Stand
  11. Foggy Morning Pasture
    Foggy Morning Pasture
  12. Sheep Shack
    Sheep Shack
  13. York Valley
    York Valley
  14. Nixon Park Creek
    Nixon Park Creek
  15. Foggy Morning in York County
    Foggy Morning in York County
  16. Goats in Pasture
    Goats in Pasture
  17. Old Grey Barn
    Old Grey Barn
  18. Wrightsville Houses
    Wrightsville Houses
Living in south central Pennsylvania provides many interesting and beautiful landscape subjects.  Changing weather and climate provide additional interest and variety.  My subjects are often choosen from the many State Parks available in this area.  Another source for inspiration are the old farms and rural scenes.  My paintings may be started on location but are often completed in my studio using reference photographs.  My goal is to portray a feeling of the land by including visual ideas from various areas rather than an exact representation of a particular location.​​